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Local art brought to you by local artists in Stevensville, MD

We are pleased to offer original art and craft works from over 70 artists, the vast majority of whom are local. You are likely to meet one of them when you visit My Little Studio! Read more about some of our artists below.

"Study in Light" by Maureen Wheatley

art sales stevensville md
art sales stevensville md

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Our Artists:

Joan McWilliams

Founder of my little studio and Island Arts Shared Space Gallery

Imagination...Individuality...Expression - these are what drive me to create - why I NEED to create.
My parents say that as a young child my imagination was vivid and my creativity, obvious. Mom tells of how she could see it in the way that I played. I would take parts from different "sets" or types of toys and play with them together in unique combinations.
Whereas the thought of being different makes a lot of people uncomfortable, striving to be different - to be an individual - is something I have done all my life ( just ask my little sister!). My art helps me feel unique.
Being quiet and shy for most of my life, the arts have been my primary means of expression, whether it has been through dance, music, theater, crafting, or making art. They have been a natural, comforting presence in my life and I cannot remember or imagine a time without them. And, through making art I am able to put some of the ideas tumbling around in my brain into a tangible form (making room for new ideas, of course!).
You may notice that, just as I played with toys as a child, my artwork is not consistently of a particular style, nor does it all fit into the same category of media or subject matter. I love the variety and experimentation that art affords.
Everything I make is with a special person in mind. Who that person is, though, often remains a mystery until he or she realizes the piece must have been made just for them!
It is my hope that the joy I feel in creating my pieces shines through to you - because that joy is meant to be shared!

Ramon Matheu

Ramon builds on the tradition of 1960's and 1970's Pop Art masters. His award-winning original artwork brings together bright colors and playful themes celebrating beauty and life while projecting an optimistic sense of energy and style.
He currently lives on Kent Island in Chester, Maryland with his wife and two children. The Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas provide an abundance of nature, beauty and wildlife which inspire many of his artistic creations.

Janice and Kristina Colvin

Janice and Kristina Colvin have been making jewelry for that last 17 years. Together, they created Sea Foam Jewels, specializing in producing custom jewelry using silver and Swarovski crystal, combined with glass, wood, pearl and bone beads from around the world. They also make one-of-a-kind pieces using precious metal clay in fine silver, copper, and bronze.

Janice is a PMC Certified Artisan Levels I and II, is a member of the PMC Guild, and is also an award-winning fiber artist. Janice is also a member and past board member of the Queen Anne's County Arts Council, and teaches PMC and beaded jewelry fabrication at the arts council and Anne Arundel Community College.

Kristina designed jewelry worn by several attendees of the Presidential Inaugural of 2004 in Washington D.C., and continues to accept custom orders for her unique crystal creations.

Their work can be seen at My Little Studio & Island Arts in Stevensville, and at the Queen Anne's County Centre for the Arts in Centreville.

Thomas Wirsing

Thomas Wirsing has had a lifelong fascination with wood which began as a boy working in his father's workshop in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. After earning a BS degree in Physics from Roanoke College, he has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia. He has traveled in at least fifty countries on six continents, and in all fifty states. The designs for his woodturnings have been influenced by art objects, furniture and architecture from around the world.

Thomas is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of
Woodturners (AAW), and is a past president of the Denver Chapter of the AAW, the Front Range Woodturners.

Thomas lives with his wife Melinda on a ranch in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies where he grazes Angus cattle, builds furniture, and turns wood.

Joyce Hobby

brush name Bumbles

Joyce Hobby was born in Baltimore City in 1967. She is a self-taught artist and web developer. She cites Rothko, Pollock, and Klimt as influence in her artwork. She is the founder and proprietor of ArtPr1 and Bumble Bee Studio. Her focus in art is abstract. Her focus in web design is catering to artists. Joyce lives in Grasonville with her two teenage boys, husband and 2 small dogs.

Jean Horn


Jean makes beautiful handmade soaps, lip balms, lotion bars, and more! Her mission is to create quality products for her customers at reasonable prices. Inspired by Joan to sell the soaps in My Little Studio, Jean quickly fell in love with the chemistry and creativity that the are of soap making brought. Be sure to check out her blog, YouTube channel and website for more information on soap making.

Maureen Wheatley

Maureen has been a print maker and painter for over 38 years. Considering herself to be a "Nature" artist, she often records wildlife in their own as well as her own surrounding habitat. She particularly enjoys studying lighting's play through colors. As a teacher of many mediums, Maureen works primarily in pastels, acrylics, mixed media, and traditional printmaking techniques. She also does commission work including pet, boat and car portraits as well as house drawings and murals.

Margaret Beville

I have lived on the eastern shore since 1970 and enjoy painting Chesapeake Wildlife along with Maryland lighthouses for the past 30 years. I find pleasure in exploring antique shops and travel to Pennsylvania to find old Shutters to restore and other various trash to treasure items to do my artwork on. The slates I paint on do have historical value, it's like restoring a bit of Maryland history back to its residents to enjoy.

Jen Fisher

Jen Fisher started her formal training in art 33 years ago, but as far back as she can remember she has always loved painting. She studied art in Denver Colorado and graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor of science in education with a concentration in art. After teaching art at various grade levels for 10 years she had an opportunity to create art while caring for her young daughter. She started with watercolor and acrylic. While cutting photographs for a family collage one day she thought it was time to take a risk and began experimenting with multi media and has been working in that vein ever since. Jen lives in Stevensville with her husband and daughter. Stop by My Little Studio to see her work

Mary Ainsworth

Austin Barrett

Ronald Becker

Denine Brown

Ann Cheers

Anne Cridler

Rusty Dodson

Micheal Driscoll

Carol Ann Faulkner

Deb Finklea

Susan Gladd

Bethann Goldman

Tim Gonzales

Lorraine Haddaway

Nicki Halford

Sarah Henderson

Nancy Jarvis

Alex Johnson

Laura Keene

Moses Kigozi

Mike Lee

Nancy Leonard

Don Magistrelli

Betty Mattiotti

Andy Mills

Delia Mychajluk

Karen Pavlik

Jay Sacks

Deborah Scales

Priscilla Schneider

Glenn Shiring

Matthew Slater

Sherry Sorensen

Diane Sperling

Laura Tilberry

Marty Tuisk

Christine Tyszka

Jacob Tyszka

Dave Walzac

David Wright

Tomasina Wylie